Chasing Snow

Chasing Snow

The fabulous winter! Filled with warm down coats, cozy gloves and ear muffs that welcome the spectacular snow...or not!!! Some of us do not have the privilege of a snowy winter season. For some of us, the winter means a long fall that turns into a spring that is not much different from summer.


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We are the ones that scan the internet for photos of snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling and any other fun activities accomplished in snow. Tons of it!! Wet, crunchy, glistening snow. For us the mystical crystals that shimmer and sparkle in gorgeous photos that seem out of reach, but are they?

We needed to satisfy our appetite for the white gold so we headed to Sun Valley, Idaho. The most gorgeous place to satisfy all your desires of being in a real "winter". 


Our travel make-up bags were the first to go in our suitcases. The butter soft vegan leather with the pretty stars zips open to allow you a huge amount of space for all your toiletries. The zip pocket adds extra organization and the two additional zip cases are perfect for all you needs.  The plus side is the dust cover that doubles for storing your lingerie or other needed items.

Our week in Sun Valley was incredible. We even took a horse-drawn carriage ride to a dinner that rivaled any sumptuous dinner that is Michelin rated. The bright sun was out most of the fun-filled week as we packed in fun, shopping, dining in the white blanketed scenery of a real winter! 

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