Swatzell + Heilig

Our Story

It has taken two years from conception to the sale of our first Swatzell + Heilig handbag. We wanted our first bag to check all of our boxes for the perfect bag and our decision was to start with a summer straw. We love straw bags but they fill a unique corner of the bag market. We did our research analyzing over a hundred lines of handbags. What we discovered was that most straw bags were under $300 and many much less. They were also unfinished in detail and most didn’t have linings and those that did weren’t what we wanted. The other piece of information that we flushed out were that the bags that did have the beautiful linings and detailed finishes were all luxury brands and well over $900. Our goal was to create a beautiful finished straw bag of the best materials and craftsmanship but was at a price that was obtainable for the handbag fashionista that loved original work but also had the quality of the expensive lines.