Fall: A Mental Ahhhhhhhh!

Fall: A Mental Ahhhhhhhh!

Summer vacations, catching up with the list of past dos, and gearing up for school has changed summer from the traditional time of slowing down. Yes, summer is absolutely fun, but we are busy having fun while squeezing in as many great times as possible.

Rolling into fall seems to have a calmer vibe. The days are shorter and the weather is cooler. Yes, we are still busy but it is just different! Between summer and the holidays of winter we have a reprieve. The weather is perfect for eating outside or morning coffee on the porch. A time to contemplate the changes and just sit back. More than one falling leaf had a steady gaze on it as it traveled downward on our deck. Enjoy the quiet calm!

Bring in the beautiful change in colors! We want our cute jeans in warm fall colors pictured here in black. Pair it with a comfy animal print blouse and great booties in black. A vest or a light jacket is all you’ll need. Scoop up the family and head to the nearest pumpkin patch and don’t forget your Swatzell + Heilig handbag!

If you are ever in Colleyville, TX, check out our local “Hall's Pumpkin Farm and Corn Maze” located in the middle of town and just a few minutes from DFW airport. Corn maze, hay rides, pumpkins galore! A chance to step back in time and enjoy the simple things!



Happy Fall!


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