How Our Product Began

How Our Product Began

An idea, a need, or a wish are all great reasons why people design products, but for us it was all three.  We love beautiful handbags. As a mother-daughter combo we have shared our love of handbags for a long time. Our shared time together is always cemented in shopping for handbags! We enjoy looking at the details, the workmanship, the designs and materials. Analyzing the practicality and how many pockets are just a few of the things we look for. We have mental checklists that help us sort through all the beautiful bags out there.

For us we had a need. Straw bags were our favorite but they are so seasonal and hard to find. Searching for the perfect straw bag to accompany an array of warm weather outfits is a priority for us. I am from Texas and Kim is from South Carolina where the summer begins early and loves to hang on into the fall. So for us a summer bag has a much longer life! 

Straw bags that are classy but cute and of course durable, are hard to find. Most straws are meant for infrequent or special outfit use but we wanted a durable bag that would hold up to constant use if desired, and yes, that is what we desired. A bag that looks the same at the beginning of the season as it did at the end. Quality of materials and workmanship a must!

So this is how ideas become reality. You start with an idea, you create a plan and before you know it the idea is real. We have been blessed with craftsmen who have worked through the process with us to bring you our very first handbag.

We hope you will check out our handbags by Swatzell + Heilig.


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