Keep Calm and Pearl On

Keep Calm and Pearl On

Really? Did I just write that title? You bet I did. It works for what is going on.  In this chaos of a world that we are finding ourselves in, nothing could be truer.

At Swatzell + Heilig, we love, love, love pearls. We used that precious bauble for our signature summer straw bags intentionally. Nothing says strength, beauty and class like pearls.

The first pearls were made by a mistake, an injury, a flaw. A simple grain of sand that  snuck into the shell that created a mighty irritation for the little mollusk. This living creature fought back and defended itself by covering the sand in a layer of secretion that smoothes out the surface. The absolutely stunning pearl is the beautiful outcome of the necessary preservation of the creature.

We are taking something tragic, that is attacking people all over the world, and making that pearl. People are working together to help and protect in so many ways. Families are spending time together, people are looking out for each other, schedules have slowed down or halted, and we are discovering who the real heroes are.

We are taking that grain of sand and making the most beautiful pearl of our lifetime.

So yes, Keep Calm and Pearl On!


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