Leather: Oh Natural

Leather: Oh Natural

Leather, leather everywhere and NONE of it's the same.

Part 1 of a 3-part series, the case for leather will be explored. There is nothing as beautiful as well curated leather but lately, leather has been getting a bad rap. We encourage you as the consumer to know where your leather is coming from and how the leather is treated. 

The use of leather in products is under scrutiny from animal rights activists and understandably so, if the animals are ill-treated or killed to acquire their leather. Most countries have regulated the "nose to tail” method which utilizes the entire animal, wasting nothing.  The leather we source for our products is well regulated and complies with complete use of the animal.

There are TWO main curating processes for leather.

  • The most popular one used today is a very speedy process because it allows for quick curing and a quick turn around to the buyers. This process uses a chemical called chrome tanning which can remove all hair and residue on the hide in 24 hours. Unfortunately, this chemical is harmful to the people involved in the production process.  Strict precautions must be taken to ensure safety.  This process is used worldwide and so far, has been accepted and is up to individual countries to implement and enforce safety measures.
  • The second process, developed in Italy, takes 30 days to complete the leather curing process.  The exact process has been handed down from generation to generation and Italian families have managed to keep it a guarded secret.  What is known is what they use for curing, and the main solution is vegetable oil which is safe for employees.  They also use salt and lime which are naturally occurring  elements that are safe. The process is exceedingly longer which makes it more expensive but the final product is worth it

At S+H, we are committed to using certified Italian leather and working with companies who cure leather in the time-honored way. This method is not only sale for the environment and workers, but the leather in our products is biodegradable and recyclable! 

Discover the difference of leather and quality in S+H products. 

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