New Designer Shows Collection At New York Fashion Week

New Designer Shows Collection At New York Fashion Week

Meeting interesting people is one of the exciting caveats of our business.  A year ago we had the privilege of meeting Denise Internoscia at the Lineapelle International Leather fair in New York City. A brand new hand bag designer from Brooklyn New York who was in the design process of her own line of handbags:


Denise's journey began when she wanted to gift something to friends at Christmas. She could only afford to buy her supplies at the thrift store so she bought sweaters which she boiled and bought belts for straps. "Being self taught," she says, "I felt handbag shapes are simple to make."


Fast forward one year and her designs are not simple. They are clever, edgy and have a ton of appeal. She has a fabulous aesthetic sense and it showed on the runway. When asked about the process she said she had a consultant friend, Liz,  who took her on as a new brand. Liz was a past designer who had years of experience with factories and handbags. Denise credits her for guiding her through the process which was daunting at times for a new designer. Liz has given her confidence as she makes her mark in the design world.

Some parting words about the process from this new designer:                                                  "It takes more money and time that you expect. A manufacturer might be the wrong fit for your designs. Sometimes you have to walk away to find peace. Peace is the most valuable thing you need to possess in a decision for your business."

Congratulations, Denise. We were so excited for your first runway show and we can't wait to see what is next from you! Check out her website here.



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