New York is Open and Optimistic

New York is Open and Optimistic

A long-delayed trip to New York City was better than could be imagined. Tons of people, lots of energy, plenty of stores and restaurants open, and beautiful color everywhere! Swatzell + Heilig has their handbag production in New York, and this was our first chance to come back.


Did I say color? It was everywhere but of course most evident in the fashion scene. Starting at Saks Fifth Ave, the color vibe hits you immediately as you come in. The escalators were drenched in beautiful colors that called you to them. What a fun emersion of light!


Ascending the escalator, it was easy to get sidetracked in the shoes. Everything was so vibrant and colorful, plus everyone was in a great mood. People were laughing and smiling and trying on an array of interesting shoes. I had to step back and just survey the scene. I think the theme for the season is fun, fun and more fun! Which is your favorite?



Using what comes from nature!

Feathers and wood! 

Are you a girlie girl or much more practical?

If retro is your vibe, then these are for you!

Colorful disco or earthy mule?

The mixing of dress and casual!

What do you think?

My fave!!  It's the mirrored disco ball on the heel coupled with the electric pink slide that is so appealing! 


Back to the escalator and up to the fashion floors. Gorgeous ensembles were everywhere. Little vignettes of inspired fashion were at attention and waiting for you throughout the floor. Whatever your style or taste all you had to do was look around and find more than what you were looking for and a huge dose of the unexpected!


We became so immersed in being out and about in New York City in our favorite retail store that we ran out of time. We didn’t make it to any other department store during this short trip, but Saks Fifth Ave is the perfect example of life coming back to the big Apple! It was inspiring, fun, and sent a message that everything is going to be all-right!!!🍎

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