Spring Into Inspiration

Spring Into Inspiration

Spring is upon us. The vernal equinox happened on March 20th and I am filled with life, new beginnings, hope and inspiration.

I recently listened to a podcast that talked about inspiration and new beginnings. It named the first day of spring as being one of the most powerful times to start something new; even more powerful than new year’s day. From a lay person’s perspective this makes perfect sense. The days start lasting longer; there’s new growth on once bare branches; hibernating animals awaken and other critters give birth to their little ones. Spring is the beginning of new life; a reawakening. 

Fresh starts and new beginnings energize the mind. They help us to gain new perspectives and inspire us in new and exciting ways. Aristotle said art imitates life. Nowhere is that statement more obvious than in the fashion industry. From the colors we choose, to the designs on our fabrics, to the details of our hemlines we see the same shapes, patterns and colors in nature. 

I spent the first day of spring at Brookgreen Gardens in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The sights, sounds and smells of nature spoke to my soul and I was filled with hope and invigorated with inspiration. I looked at beds of soft, green moss on the stonework and was reminded of green velour fabric. I saw Mimulus flowers and immediately recognized the Burnt Coral color Pantone listed as part of their Spring/Summer 2021 palate. The fringed tulips reminded me of the frayed hem of my favorite pair of jeans. As I sat on the bench in the Live Oak Allee and took in the picturesque surroundings I began to think of the correlation between nature and some of the more artistic fashion pieces I’ve come across; a darling layered crochet top and branch covered in lichen; a shady fringed straw hat and moss hanging in bunches from old oaks.

Our new line of bags is inspired by those bright, beautiful colors of spring. They promise to breathe life into an otherwise mundane outfit and the clean lines go with any style. Spring brings me joy and my visit to Brookgreen Gardens has motivated me to finish work on our future lines for 2021. Here’s wishing you all the joy and inspiration spring has to offer.  

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