The Magic of Singapore

The Magic of Singapore

Editor’s Note: Each year we love to share our travel adventures. We love reading about others when they travel because it gives us such great ideas and inspires us to go to different places. Hopefully this will inspire you!!

Embarking on a journey to Singapore was a dream come true for us. The allure of vibrant colors, diverse cultures, tantalizing cuisines, and captivating experiences awaited us. Our travel excitement peaked as we jetted off from chilly weather to the tropical warmth of Singapore, a beloved destination for my well-traveled husband.

Packing efficiently for this adventure required careful planning, as we aimed to travel light yet stylish. Referencing my previous blog post on Traveling with S + H, you can glean insights into how I curated my essentials, utilizing the Highland and Seville bags from Swatzell + Heilig.

Upon touchdown at Jewel Changi Airport, our Singapore escapade commenced with awe-inspiring architecture and amenities. The airport's design, featuring a sprawling shopping mall, expansive pedestrian spaces, and a majestic waterfall centerpiece, set the stage for a remarkable journey ahead. The top-floor activities and seamless connectivity within the airport made it a hub of convenience and delight.


Our accommodation at the renowned Artizen situated on Orchard Road, Singapore's bustling shopping district, offered unparalleled accessibility to the city's attractions. Navigating the interconnected malls along Orchard Road was a unique experience, shielded from the outdoor humidity yet immersed in a shopper's paradise.

Exploring Singapore revealed its lush greenery, testament to the government's commitment to incorporating green spaces into urban landscapes. The National Orchid Gardens dazzled with a plethora of exquisite blooms, including orchids named after notable personalities, showcasing Singapore's allure as a cultural melting pot.

Venturing into reclaimed land areas like Gardens by the Bay unveiled architectural marvels like the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, showcasing diverse flora and providing enchanting experiences. The illuminated Super Tree Grove walkway offered breathtaking nighttime vistas, adding a touch of magic to our Singapore sojourn.


Singapore's allure extends beyond these highlights, with a plethora of attractions and experiences awaiting every traveler. From cultural landmarks to culinary delights, Singapore promises an incredible adventure for all.

As you plan your next escapade, consider Singapore as a destination that seamlessly blends modernity with nature's splendor, offering a memorable journey filled with fashion, culture, and enchantment.


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  • Pat Bethea

    Enjoyed the trip to Singapore. You were always an adventurer and got me on the move years ago. Glad you are still on the move. Pat

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