Traveling With the Suite Sisters

Traveling With the Suite Sisters

Traveling is fun and always enlightening. What makes it so great? This can be answered with a million reasons but of course my favorite is the people I am with. One of the yearly trips that I take is with the “Suite Sisters”, dear friends from college (1977) and yes, we all shared a suite except one and she is an “honorary Suite Sister”. Marina was my roommate, Debra and Laura were our suite-mates, and Kim might as well have lived with us as much as she was around.


L to R: Me, Laura, Kim, Marina and Debra 

The Biscuit Bitch, Seattle, WA


One of the main things that I have loved about traveling with this group of girls (yes, because that is how we feel) is how much we learn about each other.  Meeting for dinner occasionally is not the same as being together night and day and getting past light conversations and into some really thoughtful discussions. We are different in so many ways: religiously, politically, career paths, and families to name a few but yet we are able to find a ton of common ground and enjoy the heck out of each other’s company so much so that during our vacation, we always plan the next!!


One of our favorite things to do is sit together in the morning around the table, drinking coffee and putting on make-up. Talk about education: different products, different organization skills, and tons of questions about “what do you use to….?” Many times, we bring our favorite products and share with everyone. We have done this with a ton of items but I want to share a few.


  1. Simple Human Lighted Travel Make-up Mirror- magnified X10, chargeable and comes with a travel case.     Check it out here!



  1. Aēsop Aeromatique Soap- clean, fresh and amazing to use because it has a fabulous scent         Check it out here!                                



  1. Wax Blast 10 High Impact Finishing Spray- your hair stays put, need I say more?                 Check it out here!





  1. Make Up Eraser- Really, no cleanser, just water!  Check it out here! 



  1. Diamond Dazzle Stick- portable pen to keep all jewelry sparkling.  Check it out here!



  1. Go Girl- the portable feminine urination device, never sit on a dirty toilet or squat outdoors again.       Check it out here!




If you haven’t tried any of these products, please check them out. It is always fun to find out what products other people are using. 


Here’s to adventures for you with friends, and for me, with the Suite Sisters!









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