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Shopping for handbags is a “thing” that has always connected this mother-daughter duo, however; coming home with that special purchase had become more and more difficult.


Sure, there were the loud logo bags, but anyone with enough credit card limit could purchase one of those. Plus, who wants to be out shopping, at work, attending a dinner party or enjoying a night out and encounter others carrying the exact same bag?

The REAL joy was finding that “unique” bag with the rare combination of form, function, beauty, luxury, durability, practicality and price point – an elusive unicorn – because why should one have to compromise?

Wanting it all is perfectly acceptable – right?

Add to the requirements for the “perfect handbag” a hint of exclusivity and the ability for one’s accessory to amplify one’s OWN personality….not be a walking billboard for some big brand…and you have it!

Well, NO ONE “had the exact bag one would want” so they MADE it!!

Before cleaning:

  • Make sure to remove all items from your handbag.
  • Once empty, turn your handbag upside-down and shake it out to let any crumbs/debris fall out.


  • Start by inspecting the weaving and lining. 
    • Do you have a Straw Bag? Be sure to check if there are any crumbs/debris wedged in between the straw. If so, use a dry toothbrush and gently brush any crumbs away. You can use a bit of cold water on the brush, when needed.
  • Once you have inspected the weaving and lining, it’s time to clean the surface of your bag and remove any dirt. 
  • Lightly moisten a clean cotton cloth with cold water.
  • Wipe your handbag in a soft circular motion starting from the top of the bag to the bottom. Use a couple of drops mild detergent mixed with water if needed. Wipe gently and do not rub. 
    • Remember for Straw Bags: Do not soak the straw as that will possibly cause a color change.
  • Treat the leather with a damp clean cloth and again, use care not to rub away the finish.
  • Use a dry cotton cloth and gently wipe the water/dirt away.


  • If you are storing your handbag in the closet or in a box, put them in a dust bag. This will protect your bag from dust and mold.
  • Let your handbag out of storage every 2-3 months to let them breathe.
  • Store the handbag with paper stuffed inside to hold its shape and lay it on its side in the dust bag.


  • When you use your bag, make sure to put any liquids or powders (like makeup) in a separate small pouch inside, to avoid any spills and increase the longevity of your bag.
We, Swatzell + Heilig, are committed to original premium, attainable luxury handbag and accessory designs produced using superior products sourced from around the world. Fair and ethical values are central to our products, many of which are made in America. Style, elegance, durability, and functionality are guaranteed.

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